The man of many hats

                Born in Plainfield New Jersey and the younger of two sons; Tristan Biscuite Davis (Biscuite) became influenced in the art of movement at the age of 6 by his mother Gena Davis and brother Rashad Davis. His lessons became the foundation for escape from a world full of bullying, racism, and general isolation. Finding no peace in his immediate world he faded into an internal story of raw emotion which is depicted in his performances to this day. While struggling with thoughts of suicide as the only escape, the chance to perform in front of over 1,000 youth was offered. After falling in love with the ability to make others happy with an art he did not see as dancing but as a personal escape Studying styles such as modern, Jazz, Ballet, and elements of tap in College, Biscuite began to explore the common factors of both technical styles and street styles to blend them with smooth transitions. After finding the best training elements of each style Biscuite began developing a system to create a limitless way of moving. He founded the company Mission Through Movement with the hopes of spreading the knowledge and evidence of his no limit training system. Biscuite’ mission is to remove the feeling of isolation from those who share his story; by bringing out the gifts inside of them to express through the arts. Biscuite aspires to give people the same joy he felt when faced with purpose, and while performing and teaching in diverse settings, he encourages everyone to find their voice inside their gifts.



Often described as being determined, passionate, driven, inspiring, and a vortex of joy; Biscuite’s overall goals are graduating from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education, touring the world while sharing his values and beliefs on movement and performance, and pursuing the depth of his talents.

“I have often found this road to success and wealth discouraging with the many downs and few ups, but I use this discouragement as ammunition in all my performances” Biscuite.

The Biscuite Logo


Words from Biscuite

“I am currently finding it hard to continue with school due to low financial support combined with an already financially straining college tuition put on my family members trying to help me. My only regret is that I allowed my fear to take over my decisions many years ago. I feared success because people have a tendency to forget that no matter what, a person in the light is still human, we make mistakes, we have fears, and as much as I teach my students that it’s okay to mess up and that it’s okay to fail as long as you don’t give up, I know not everyone has this belief. My system of limitless movement and expression is still fresh, I have so much more to learn, train, and do; therefore I will always claim to be an aspiring “Master of Movement”. In all honesty, my goal is to brand the world in all things dealing with creation and expression. My number one hope is to not dance for, but with Kings, Queens, Prince, and Princess’.”