Mission Through Movement

Mission Through Movement

Unifying the world through storytelling by movement


Our mission is to expand the use of visual arts in our media-based productions and to promote a limitless flow of expression in our live performances.


In addition to inspiring unity in our communities through our creative stories; we aspire to push the boundaries of creativity in the performing arts to new heights and be listed as one of the top performance companies in the world.



Born from the vision of a Child Mission Through Movement (M.T.M) began as an inspirational dream and grew into a genuine movement. Developed by founder T. Biscuite Davis; M.T.M has begun to make a mark in society with community-based media projects and mentorship. Their mission is to expand the use of visual arts in media-based productions and to promote a limitless flow of expression in live performances. Founded on the notion that a performer should have no limits in their ability to move an audience or relay a story; M.T.M. is the home of craftsmen and women on the road to mastery of self, and from this M.T.Ms’ purpose was formed and the drive behind their inspiration developed into a brilliant flame.


Mission Through Movement is home to well-rounded professional performers and teachers constantly working to perfect their craft and strengthen their technique. M.T.M brings forth one spectacular performance after another due to their shared passion to provide a broader understanding on how the human body can move. M.T.M trains religiously to supply its communities with world-class workshops in styles such as Modern, Ballet, and Street style hip hop which separates this company from the rest.

M.T.M. is a performance company set out to Inspire change and enlighten minds on global and personal struggles and triumphs. M.T.M aspires to spread the message that “no one is alone” when they cover topics such as though not limited to:

Domestic violence

Suicide awareness

Bully awareness

Every story portrayed in their work is either one of a personal nature or of an affiliate. From Conflict to resolutions and through the times we are left with more questions, every work invites you on a journey to see a resolution to a story that one may currently be living.

From a strand of inspiration, our productions are made thanks to “SOW studios” click the image to checkout our project productions